iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press

Transfer images, pictures, quotes and more onto 5 mugs at the same time with the iKonix digital mug heat press!

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iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press
iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press

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If you want to pump out large orders of mugs, check out the iKonix digital mug heat press. This easy-to-use mug heat press lets you press five mugs at the same time, which is perfect for mass production. Not only can you heat transfer text, illustrations, and images onto mugs, but you can also use this mug heat press with cups, teacups, water bottles, and more. And like all the iKonix heat presses, this mug heat press has a digital panel that allows you to easily control the temperature and set a timer for how long your mug is pressed for. Also, its alarm alerts you when the cycle is done, which means you can complete other tasks, like DTG printing or using an embroidery machine, without having to continually watch the heat press. So, if you’re looking for the most efficient way to create large quantities of custom mugs, this digital mug heat press is the way to go. As a special bonus, the iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press comes with a complimentary 12-pack of 11 oz White Ceramic Sublimation Mugs (while supplies last).


  • Can be used with various size mugs, cups, water bottles, and more 
  • Five heating mats for increased efficiency  
  • Suitable for mass production  
  • Automatic timer 
  • Audible alarm that allows you to do other tasks, like using a DTG printer or an embroidery machine, without worrying about pressing your mug past the allotted time 
  • Thermometer to measure heat platen temperature  
  • Adjustable thermostat  
  • Heat indicating light  
  • No color difference after heat transfer  
  • Adjustable pressure 
  • Useful parameter setting 
  • Electronic time control  
  • Electronic constant temperature control accuracy 
  • Safe and economical  
  • Easy to use 
  • Made with sturdy and durable materials to withstand frequent and heavy use
  • BONUS: 12-pack of 11oz White Ceramic Sublimation Mugs with purchase



Compatible with mugs up 12 oz

Mug Diameter Range: 2.95"-3.54"

Max Mug Height: 4.53"

Working Area: 6" x 9"

Weight:90 lbs.
Max Temperature:392°F /200℃
Power Consumption:0.38kw

Who is this for?

The hobbyist
The Hobbyist
This heat press is for the hobbyist who wants to impress friends and family with personalized garments for birthdays, holidays and more.
side hustle
Side Hustler
The side hustler can take advantage of this machine to supplement their income from home by selling custom products online or locally.
growing business
Growing Business
For growing businesses, this heat press is perfect for expanding their product range to attract even more customers.

About the iKonix Digital Mug Heat Press

Easily adjust the pressure you want to apply to your mugs
Adjustable Pressure
With the iKonix digital mug heat press, you can easily adjust the pressure you want to apply to your mugs. That way, you can make sure you have the perfect pressure to adhere the transfers to your mugs.
iKonix digital mug heat press has five heating mats
Five Heating Mats
Why limit yourself to making one custom mug at a time when you can easily make five? This digital mug heat press has five heating mats, which allows you to heat transfer onto large batches of mugs at once. This helps make your workflow more efficient, saving you precious time and allowing you to do other tasks like using your embroidery machine or DTG printer.
iKonix digital mug heat press handles all sizes of mugs up to 12 ozs
Press Mugs up to 12 oz.
Unlike other mug heat presses, the iKonix digital mug heat press can handle all sizes of mugs up to 12 oz. You may be limited to only heat pressing one mug size on other heat presses, but that isn’t a problem with this digital mug heat press.

Panel Features

Panel FeaturesTimer
Set the amount of time you want to press your mug for with the built-in electronic timer. That way, you don’t have to set up a separate timer on your phone or other devices.
Panel FeaturesHeat Platen Thermometer
Heat Platen Thermometer
This thermometer ensures you know what temperature your platen is at, reducing the chance of damaging your mugs.
Panel FeaturesAdjustable Thermostat
Adjustable Thermostat
Choose the specific temperature you want to set with the iKonix’s adjustable thermostat. It can go as high as 392°F /200℃, covering all types of temperatures needed for various heat transfer applications.
Panel FeaturesHeat Indicating Light
Heat Indicating Light
The heat indicating light is a safety feature that lets you know if the heat press is on and hot. With this light, you won’t mistakenly think the heat press is off, preventing you from burning a mug or yourself.

What are heat presses used for?

What are heat presses used for?Apparel
Heat presses are used to create custom t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and other garments for personal or commercial use.
What are heat presses used for?Promotional Products
Promotional Products
Heat presses are used to create customized promotional products, such as tote bags, keychains, and water bottles, that can be used for marketing and advertising.
What are heat presses used for?Home Decor
Home Decor
Heat presses are used to create custom designs on items like pillowcases, towels, and blankets, allowing customers to add a personal touch to their home decor.
What are heat presses used for?Sports
Heat presses are used to create custom uniforms and equipment for sports teams, as well as personalized fan gear for spectators.
What are heat presses used for?Signage
Heat presses can be used to create signs, banners, and other promotional materials, using heat transfer vinyl and other materials.
What are heat presses used for?Custom Designs
Custom Designs
Heat presses can be used to create custom designs on a wide range of materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and more.

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Heat Press Buyers Guide
Not sure which heat press is right for you? Then check out our comprehensive heat press guide, which has all the information you need to help you find the best heat press for your business.
Heat Press Buyers Guide

Questions & Answers

Ask a question
how many mugs can each heater last before changing the inside element? do you also sell new elements? what is your shipping cost to denmark, and what is the estimated shipping lead time?

The heater is an electronic component and can last the life of the machine or less. We do not sell new elements, though if there is an issue with the heat press, you can contact our service department at You can see your estimated shipping time and cost when checking out.

Can you heat press on mugs or water bottles with colours other than white?

Yes, you can.

What type of paper do I use for the iKonix for mugs? We bought the press, but the paper that the company said to use, does work at all.

You need hard surface transfer paper.

What is the max mug size that will fit in this heat press?

This mug heat press can handle all sizes of mugs up to 12 oz.

Do I have to heat press five mugs at a time for it to work?

No, you don't. If you want to heat press less than five mugs, just insert the mugs and leave the other heating areas empty.

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