Chroma Digitizing Software

Chroma is designed to allow both the novice and experienced digitizer to create even the most intricate designs with ease and speed.  

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Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
Chroma Digitizing Software
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Chroma Digitizing Software
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Chroma Digitizing Software
This item - Chroma Digitizing Software

Chroma is designed to allow both the novice and experienc...

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Start designing your first project right away with our cloud-based digitizing software, Chroma. With three different tiers to choose from, it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for in a digitizing software, no matter your skill level. For beginners, Chroma can be used to automate the digitizing process, essentially eliminating the learning curve. For the advanced, the software's built-in styles, customization of tools and hotkeys speed up the lengthy digitizing process.

Not to mention, with the auto-digitizing feature included in each tier of Chroma, you can automate your digitizing process and skip the digitizing learning curve altogether! Or become a digitizing master when you receive the full digitizing learning experience with Chroma's free training videos.
Chroma’s base tier, Chroma Inspire, comes included with each purchase of a Ricoma embroidery machine with upgrade options available. Chroma is also available for purchase on its own.

If you are upgrading your Chroma software to a higher tier, input your serial number before adding to cart.


*Chroma software is non-refundable.


  • Features included with Chroma Inspire, Plus and Luxe: 
    • Design export 
    • Open and save designs 
    • Print 
    • Merge 
    • Design library 
    • Embroidery formats import 
    • Transmit to machine (serial port, network, machine folder) 
    • Save design as image (png or jpg) 
    • Import artwork/bitmap 
    • Export artwork 
    • Realistic view 
    • Zoom in & out using mouse scroll, 1:1 
    • Pan on screen 
    • Stitch Ends 
    • Ruler - measure design elements 
    • Hoops 
    • Change background color 
    • Show commands 
    • Start/Stop 
    • Sequence Panel 
    • Slow redraw 
    • Navigator 
    • Rotate 
    • Flip 
    • To Front/To Back 
    • Cut, Copy, Paste 
    • Transform 
    • Select Tool 
    • Change Colors / Thread Palettes 
    • Align 
    • Group 
    • Resequencing 
    • Optimize Colors, Entry-Exit 
    • Repeat 
    • Duplicate 
    • Shape Tool 
    • Add Text 
    • Circle, Monogram text types 
    • True Type Fonts 
    • On screen typing 
    • 43 Pre-digitized fonts  
    • 11 Small Fonts  
    • Auto Digitizing 
    • Underlay 
    • Pull compensation 
    • Run/Classic Satin 
    • Complex Fill with holes 
  • Additional features included with Chroma Plus and Luxe: 
    • Batch conversion 
    • Ribbon Interface 
    • Carousel/ Place/Reflect/Scatter 
    • Change Style 
    • Lasso Tool 
    • Stitch Tool 
    • 10 Applique fonts ADDED IN 
    • Edit Letters 
    • Break Up Text 
    • Path, Vertical, Spiral text types 
    • Stitched Snapshots (Photo Stitch) 
    • Auto Cross stitch 
    • Auto Baste 
    • Combine/Break Apart 
    • Trim/Weld/Intersect 
    • Push compensation 
    • Convert To (Steil, Fill etc) 
  • Premium features included with Chroma Luxe: 
    • Backdrop tool 
    • Import/export environment 
    • Design database 
    • Icon viewer 
    • Filter 
    • Design Analysis 
    • Slice Tool 
    • 13 Puffy Fonts  
    • Bubble Text 
    • Font Editor 
    • Applique 
    • Pattern Creator 
    • Palette Creator 
    • Steil/Cross Stitch 
    • Notes 
    • Magic Wand 
    • Utility (Create Border, Outline etc) 
    • Color Blending 
    • Gradient 
    • Jagged type 
    • Stippling 
    • Motifs / Emboss 
    • Wave Fill 
    • Split Design (Multiple Hoops) 
    • Applique Cutter 


  • Operating system – Windows 7 64-bit with latest updates and service pack or Mac OSX version 12 (Sierra), which means MacOS Chroma can run on Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur
  • Memory – 8 gb
  • Free hard disk space – 40 gb
  • Graphics card and monitor – support for 32bit and 1600 x 900 resolution
  • Internet connection - required for software updates and dongle registration

Supported Machine Formats

  • RDE
  • EXP
  • DST
  • DSB
  • DSZ
  • T01
  • SST
  • KSM
  • U01
  • U02
  • DAT
  • T03
  • PHC
  • 10o
  • ZSK
  • T05
  • TAP
  • M3
  • PES

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Workspace Features
image alt title
Workspace Features
  • Customizable workspace
  • Digitizing guidelines
  • Advanced hot keys
  • 3D visualization in 2D and Photorealistic mode
  • Show embroidering sequence
  • Load/save color palette and background color
  • Convert raster images to embroidery or cross stitches
  • Sequence manager display letters
  • Sequin
image alt title


image alt title
  • Slow redraw - simulate sew-out
  • Auto-Digitize with branches
  • Convert between stitch types
  • Clipart tool to insert designs
  • Auto density adjustments when resizing stitch designs
  • Convert stitch design to outline designs
  • Multi-design convert and output
  • Fill pattern editor
  • Adjustable grid
  • Automatic density adjustment during size changes
  • Choose/change from full range of underlay stitches
image alt title


Text Effects
image alt title
Text Effects
  • Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning
  • Lettering with intelligent closest point connection
  • Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band
  • Reorder sequence of text string
  • Resize, rotate, distort letters of text string
  • Includes 10 pre-digitized fonts
  • Duplicate text string
  • Change text setting (typeface, text)
  • Shrink/grow, stretch, rotate, slant, text using handles
  • Envelope lettering in predefined shapes
image alt title

Chroma is perfect for...

image alt title


Chroma is the premier digitizing software for embroiderers. Built and designed for both novice and expert embroiderers, you'll be designing your next embroidery project with ease and speed. No need to outsource your designs when you'll be a digitizing master!

image alt title


With an easy-to-use interface and built-in customization tools, Chroma allows digitizers to pump out high-quality designs faster than ever. Chroma speeds up the lengthy digitizing process, so that you can get your product in the hands of your customers quickly and efficiently.

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Graphic and fashion design students and teachers alike can use Chroma software to eliminate the digitizing learning curve and dive straight into practical, hands-on designing for embroidered garments. Students and teachers will receive the full digitizing learning experience with Chroma's simple customization tools and free training videos.

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inspire mobile


Design export
Open and save designs
Design library
Embroidery formats import
Transmit to machine (serial port, network, machine folder)
Save design as image (png or jpg)
Import artwork/bitmap
Export artwork
Batch conversion  
Backdrop tool    
Import/export environment    
Design database    
Icon viewer    


Realistic view
Zoom in & out using mouse scroll, 1:1
Pan on screen
Stitch Ends
Ruler - measure design elements
Change background color
Show commands
Sequence Panel
Slow redraw
Ribbon Interface  
Design Analysis    


To Front/To Back
Cut, Copy, Paste
Select Tool
Change Colors / Thread Palettes
Optimize Colors, Entry-Exit
Shape Tool
Carousel/ Place/Reflect/Scatter  
Change Style  
Lasso Tool  
Stitch Tool  
Slice Tool    


Add Text
Circle, Monogram text types
True Type Fonts
On screen typing
Pre-digitized fonts 43 71 133
Small Fonts (11) 2 2
Applique fonts ADDED IN   10
Edit Letters  
Break Up Text  
Path, Vertical, Spiral text types  
Puffy Fonts (13)    
Bubble Text    
Font Editor    


Auto Digitizing
Pull compensation
Run/Classic Satin
Complex Fill with holes
Stitched Snapshots (Photo Stitch)  
Auto Cross stitch  
Auto Baste  
Combine/Break Apart  
Push compensation  
Convert To (Steil, Fill etc)  
Pattern Creator    
Palette Creator    
Steil/Cross Stitch    
Magic Wand    
Utility (Create Border, Outline etc)    
Color Blending    
Jagged type    
Motifs / Emboss    
Wave Fill    
Split Design (Multiple Hoops)    
Applique Cutter    
Sequin Optional Optional Optional
Chenille Optional Optional Optional

Questions & Answers

Ask a question
I was wondering if the Luxe edition can do a couple of things. 1.can it merge two embroidery shapes together 2.can you change stitch direction 3.can you specify start and end points

Yes, it can do all those things.

Hello, how does the licensing work on this software? For example at home I use my desktop but when I’m away from home I use my laptop. Do I need to buy two copy’s of the software to run on the different machines?

If you want to use Chroma on two different computers, you need to buy two Chroma licenses.

If I buy the inspire package and later on I wanted the luxe package. Would I have to pay full for the luxe? Or just the difference. Since I would have the inspire.

Yes, you would just pay the difference. There is an option in the drop-down menu to upgrade from Inspire to Luxe.

With the 3 tier all included that’s in 1,2 tiers, Pricing discounts, what’s available final number

You cannot have all three tiers at the same time. To upgrade to or buy Chroma Luxe, you can see how much it will cost by choosing "Luxe," "Upgrade from Inspire to Luxe," or "Upgrade from Plus to Luxe" in the dropdown menu.

I was trying to see about upgrading and go through affirm but it's not taking me through the steps I need to see about being approved

To receive financing through affirm, you must complete the steps in the payment section during checkout. That's where it will take you through the steps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexis Durand

Chroma Digitizing Software

Luanne Wainwright
Love it!

I am in love with my EM1010 and Chroma. I just did a leaf for a project I’m working on an it came out fabulous!

Carolina Vargas
Awesome Software!

I got Chroma Plus because I wanted to learn how to digitize myself instead of having to outsource that work. There was a small learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy to use!

Valerie Owens
Great software!

I received Chroma with my Ricoma embroidery machine and have been able to do everything I needed in the Inspire version. It's super user friendly and works great on my Mac, which is a huge plus!

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