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Ricoma Plate heat press 5” and 6”. Auto release clamshell with 5” touchscreen panel.
Create beautiful, decorative plates with Ricoma’s HP-0506FPT plate
heat press!
Perfect for gifts, home decor, or special occasions, this unique machine
elevates the look of a plate within seconds.
Print images, illustrations, text and plenty more directly onto the
plate’s surface with the machine’s flat, circular heating plate
compatible with 5 and 6-inch plates. Simply set your desired heating
temperature and time using the machine’s 5-inch digital touch screen
system, located behind the handle press.
Load your plate and get started in no time with the machine’s quick-
heating plate, which reaches up to 437 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds.
Once the timer stops, the machine’s auto-release clamshell will
automatically lift when the plate is ready, ensuring that your plate isn’t
under the heat for longer than it needs to be.
Packed with features such as a built-in panel counter that increases
production for high volume and small shops alike, you’ll be fulfilling
orders faster than ever before.


Maximum Temperature: 225˚C / 437˚F (Recommended do not exceed 180˚C)

Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.5%

Voltage: 100-240v

Power Consumption: .25kw