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General Questions

Do you ship internationally?
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At this time we do not ship internationally. We are able to ship throughout the contiguous United States and most U.S. territories.

Do you offer financing?
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Yes, we do offer financing for our embroidery machines and printer. To apply for financing, simply contact us by phone at 1-888-292-6282 and speak with one of our product specialists.

When will my order ship?
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Orders are normally shipped within 24-48 hours. However, in some cases, longer shipping times may apply. If you need your products by a specific date, please notify us by phone at 1-888-292-6282 and we will do everything that we can to accommodate the request. Ricoma ships to any location where UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service can deliver.


How subscriptions work
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Subscriptions are automatically renewed according to your chosen delivery interval, ensuring the products are automatically delivered by the shop after each successful renewal. For instance, if you opt for a monthly subscription, the system will automatically charge your credit card every month, delivering the products right to your doorstep without requiring any extra effort on your end.

Can I pause or cancel a subscription?
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Absolutely! You have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time via the customer portal. The only exception is for subscriptions that require a minimum number of payments before cancellation is permitted. Access the customer portal using the magic link sent in your subscription confirmation email, or by logging into your account.

How can I skip or reschedule a charge?
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Within the customer portal, you'll find the option to either skip a scheduled delivery or reschedule it to a more convenient time. Simply use the "Skip payment" button for skipping or hit "Reschedule" next to the delivery date to change it.

What happens if the payment can't be processed?
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Should there be any issues with processing a payment for your subscription, we'll send you an email containing a secure link to update your payment information. This ensures your subscription continues without interruption.

Heat Presses

Do your heat presses have the automatic release feature?
+ -

Our Ricoma line of heat presses have an auto-release function that is designed to automatically lift the heating plate once the timer expires. Our iKonix line of heat presses, however, are manual.

What is the highest temperature your heat presses can reach?
+ -

Maximum temperatures vary depending on the heat press. Below is a list of the maximum temperatures for the Ricoma and iKnonix heat presses.

  • All Ricoma flat heat presses: 37˚F/225˚C
  • All iKonix flat heat presses: 599˚F/315℃
  • Ricoma cap heat press: 437˚F /225˚C
  • iKonix cap heat press: 240˚F/116℃
  • Ricoma plate heat press: 437˚F/ 225˚C
  • All iKonix plate heat presses: 240˚F/116℃
  • Ricoma mug heat press: 437˚F/ 225˚C
  • iKonix mug heat press (HP-4-1M): 599°F/315℃
  • iKonix digital mug heat press (HP-15x5M): 392°F /200℃
  • iKonix mug heat press (HP-04M): 599°F/315℃
  • All iKonix multifunction hear presses: 599°F/315℃


Does the Luminaris 200 print on polyester shirts?
+ -

The Luminaris 200 printer can print full-color designs that can be transferred onto light or dark t-shirts that are crafted of either polyester or cotton.

Can you do sublimation with the Luminaris 200 printer?
+ -

Yes! The Luminaris 200 optional sublimation toners let you swap the standard CMYW set for a CMYK Sublimation set. This configuration will give you the advantages of sublimation, with the speed and ease of toner. So no more messy inks, slow printing or needing additional equipment.

What software is included with the Luminaris 200 printer, and how do I download it?
+ -

The VividRIP software is included with the Luminaris 200. Download it by logging into your Ricoma Customer Portal at Once you navigate to the Luminaris 200 product page, use the serial number from your packing slip for activation. The website automatically provides the correct version for your OS (Mac or Windows).

Can I print on mugs and plates with the Luminaris 200 printer?
+ -

The Luminaris 200 allows you to do hard surface transfers, so you don’t have to purchase different printers to achieve different results. With the use of hard premium surface transfer paper and a specialty heat press, you can extend your printing capabilities to items beyond textiles, offering even more versatility for your custom apparel business.

Do I need a computer or an internet connection to use the Ricoma Vision DTG printer?
+ -

Yes, for creating and editing graphics, a computer is necessary. However, you can transfer images to the printer via USB, reducing the need for a constant internet connection.

Will the Ricoma Vision DTG printer leave any messy ink behind?
+ -

The Ricoma Vision DTG printer ensures a clean working environment by eliminating loose ink and messy screens. Furthermore, the printer utilizes non-toxic, water-based inks, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind.

Do the DTG prints need to be heat-treated?
+ -

Yes, prints need to be heat-cured, as all direct-to-garment and screen-printed items do. You can use any of the iKonix and Ricoma heat presses to heat cure your items.

Sewing Machines

How often should the machine be oiled?
+ -

The frequency of oiling depends on the number of the sewn stitches. We recommend to place a drop of oil onto the hook race before sewing for a longer period, but at least when the machine prompts you. When sewing bigger projects, you can oil the machine once a day.

How often should I change the needles?
+ -

Change needles regularly as dull/weak needles can cause damage to your machine and fabric. We recommend changing needles after every 6 - 8 hours of use.

Why is my sewing machine skipping stitches?
+ -

A bent or dull needle causes skipped stitches. Replace the needle if it's dull or bent. Make sure that you're using the proper needle for the fabric you're sewing. Incorrect machine threading also causes skipped stitches. Rethread the needle and bobbin correctly if necessary. If the above tips don't help, adjust the thread tension to avoid skipped stitches.

Why is my sewing machine needle breaking?
+ -

Check the needle installation. Insert the needle all the way up into the needle clamp because the needle breaks if it goes too deep into the bobbin case while sewing. Use the correct size needle for your thread and fabric. Don't pull the fabric while sewing; pulling the fabric can break the needle. Gently guide the fabric while the feed dogs move the fabric under the presser foot. A loose presser foot allows fabric movement which can break the needle. Reset the presser foot if it's loose.

Why isn't my sewing machine picking up the bobbin thread?
+ -

Check your needle. Incorrect installation prevents the machine from picking up the bobbin thread. Insert the needle as far up as it will go with the flat side of the needle facing back. Make sure that you insert the bobbin correctly and draw up the bobbin thread before sewing. Check your needle threading. Raise the presser foot when seating the thread through the upper thread tension disks. If these tips don't help, then your sewing machine timing may be off. Adjust the timing.

Embroidery Accessories

Is the 8-in-1 device compatible with every machine model?
+ -

The 8-in-1 device is compatible with all Ricoma embroidery machines except the SWD-1501.

What is the best hoop for bulky items?
+ -

Although the regular hoops that come with your package are suitable for bulky items, we recommend using magnetic hoops like the Mighty Hoops as it can automatically adjust for different thicknesses.

Can the hat hoop do visors?
+ -

Yes! You can use a standard cap hoop to embroider on visors. To see how it’s done, check out this tutorial on how to embroider visors with a cap hoop.


What's the price point?
+ -

Chroma ranges from $599 to $1,999 depending on the tier you purchase. Chroma Inspire is $599. Chroma Plus is $1,299 and Chroma Luxe is $1,999.

Do you have financing options?
+ -

Yes, you may finance Chroma Plus and Luxe with the purchase of an embroidery machine and on its own. Feel free to contact us for information on financing terms.

Is Chroma compatible with Macs?
+ -

Yes, Chroma is compatible with macOS 10.10 Yosemite 64-bit.

Extensive video training is provided. Once you're done, you'll learn the digitizing process from start to finish, as well as how to operate Chroma's special functions.

Can I import fonts into Chroma?
+ -

Yes, you can easily add True Type fonts to the Chroma font library.

Which Chroma tier is included when I purchase an embroidery machine package?
+ -

Each embroidery machine package includes Chroma Inspire, the software's basic version that allows you to edit and create simple embroidery designs. If you would like to upgrade your Chroma software, you can do so for an additional cost.

Fabric Cutters

What type of fabric cutter should I get?
+ -

It depends on whether you prefer a manual model or the higher precision offered by the electronic type. In both cases, you first need to know your budget, as the electronic ones are more expensive than the manual ones. Our fabric cutters are suitable for both beginners and experienced decorators.

What can the KC-Cutting Machine Series be used on?
+ -

It is applicable to cut both soft light materials and hard heavy ones, such as cotton, wool, linen, leather, silk, chemical fiber, carpet, umbrella cloth, denim, plastic flooring, plastic blanket, down cloth, terylene, stretch cotton, sack cloth, etc.

What can the Round Knife Cutter Series be used on?
+ -

It is suitable for mass trimming cotton, wool, linen leather, chemical fiber goods and more!

Are fabric cutters noisy?
+ -

All of our fabric cutters are designed to produce very low noise while in use, so you don’t need to worry about causing too much noise.

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