KC-Cutting Machine Series

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The iKonix KC series cutters are designed to make your fabric trimming quick and easy. With 6-, 8- and 10-inch blades, the cutters are perfect for mass trimming on a wide range of fabrics.


  • Includes built-in knife blade sharpener
  • Neat cutting, small-curvature radius curvilinear cutting
  • Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency
  • Incorporated with an auto knife-grinding device, easier to operate
  • Available in 10-inch blade (KC-3 10”); 8-inch blade (KC-3 8”); or 6-inch blade (KC-3 6”)
  • Suitable for mass trimming cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber, silk fabric, etc. Cutting is light, smooth operation, the use of comfort. Easy to grinding blade and sharp.
  • Technical specifications:  Model: KC-3; Power Supply: 110V; Electric motor:550W 4.4 amps; Rotate speed:2800/3400 rpm;   Lubricating oil:#18;  Weight: 18.5KG, 1 Phase.