Bag Closer (GK26-1A)

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The machine is suitable for closing filled or partially filled bags, made of cloth, burlap, weave, paper, plastic and other materials.


  • Light Weight yet rugged all metal construction,single-thread chain stitch.Automatic thread cutter with automatic refueling function
  • Semi-enclosed structure, with a certain degree of dust-proof capacity; shell made of aluminum alloy die-casting, the main components of high-quality alloy steel support, easy wear parts have been a special heat treatment, mechanical parts solid, streamlined and durable
  • The versatile hand held portable bag closer is the perfect solution for small volume bagging applications (250 – 300 bags/hour) that include the agricultural, food, pet, animal and chemical sectors.
  • Our advanced design features an automatic lubrication system. This fast, heavy-duty hand-held closer works with virtually all bag substrates including paper (single/multi-wall), woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, PE , burlap and cotton bags