Mighty Hoop Starter Kit

The six pieces included in this starter kit will help you hoop garments quickly and accurately every time.

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Mighty Hoop Starter Kit
Mighty Hoop Starter Kit
Mighty Hoop Starter Kit
Mighty Hoop Starter Kit
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Easily hoop t-shirts, polos, bags, jackets, and more with the Mighty Hoop starter kit. Whether you are just getting started in embroidery or have been doing it for years, this kit can help you hoop garments quickly and accurately. Its precise hooping process means the Mighty Hoop starter kit is the perfect accessory for hooping repeat orders or items with the same design placement, like left-chest logos. If you want to embroider chest logos in the same place every time, the HoopMaster station, fixture, and Mighty Hoop can help you do that. All you have to do is attach the fixture to the station, place the bottom hoop in the fixture, thread the shirt, press on the fixture, and just like that, your shirt is hooped. Along with the station, the smaller FreeStyle arm helps you accurately hoop smaller items like tote bags, pant legs, children’s clothes, and more. Additionally, the magnetic flaps on the fixture hold your backing in place, eliminating the need for adhesive spray or the use of tape to secure backing material.  


  • Great for hooping t-shirts, polos, bags, jackets, towels, sweaters, aprons, pants, and more. 
  • Helps align and apply Mighty Hoops to garments  
  • Makes the hooping process quick, easy, accurate, and consistent  
  • Hoop garments without having to mark the fabric 
  • Magnetic backing flaps hold your backing in place 
  • Collar markings to line up the collars of your garments 
  • Number and letter grid to set up logo placement 
  • Sizing guide based on the size and gender of the garment 
  • T-Square measures across the item to ensure the design placement is in the middle of your garment 
  • FreeStyle arm helps you accurately hoop smaller items  


  • Includes: 
    • HoopMaster Station 
    • Portable Base 
    • T-Square 
    • FreeStyle Arm 
    • 5.5” Fixture 
    • 5.5” Mighty Hoop 

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About the Mighty Hoop Starter Kit

Amazing Value

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The Mighty Hoop starter kit includes six pieces: the HoopMaster station, portable base, t-square, FreeStyle arm, fixture, and 5.5” Mighty Hoop. This kit has everything you need to hoop garments quickly, and you can get it all in one package, so you won’t spend more money buying these products separately.

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Easy Hooping Process

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You no longer have to struggle to get the hoop in the same exact area every single time. The Mighty Hoop starter kit makes hooping easier than ever. Just set the fixture to your desired area, place the bottom hoop in the fixture, thread the shirt, press on the fixture, and in seconds your shirt is perfectly hooped.

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Magnetic Backing Flaps

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The magnetic backing flaps on the fixture hold your backing in place. This means you don’t need to use tape, clips, or adhesive spray to get your backing to stick to the garment. Also, you don’t have to struggle to hold the backing and hoop at the same time.

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With The Mighty Hoop Starter Kit, You Can Embroider On...

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Workplaces are in constant need of polos with embroidered logos for their employees, and the Mighty Hoop starter kit is the perfect accessory to create these in-demand items. The station and fixture are designed for consistent placement of left-chest and right-chest logo placement.

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The large area on the HoopMaster station gives you plenty of space to embroider on the backs of jackets. And the starter kit’s specialization in logos means you can easily place the hoop on the left or right side of the jacket’s front to embroider a logo, name, or small design.

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A custom embroidered towel is a unique item you can give to your beach-loving friend or sell to customers. With the FreeStyle arm and fixture, it’s easy to embroider initials, names, or other designs on the ends of a towel.

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If you want to hoop and embroider beautiful custom designs on bags such as totes, duffle bags, and backpacks, the smaller FreeStyle arm can accommodate items like these that may not fit on the HoopMaster station board.

Questions & Answers

Ask a question
Hi my question is I brought the embroidery machine 15 needles I still have to buy this kit???

Hi! You don't have to buy this kit to use your 15-needle machine.

I received my order with a colorgate usb. I was told to download the colorgate software but I don’t have the codes to operate it. What do I need to do get the codes to operate the colorgate?

If you have not received your codes to access Colorgate, please contact your account coordinator or our service department at service@ricoma.com.

Are there any promotions for the Mighty Hoop and the 8-1 Hoops for the MT-1501?

You can get free shipping on all orders over $1,000!

Is the only hoop you can use with the starter kit the 5.25?

You can only use the 5.5" Mighty Hoop.

What size hoops come with the starter kit and can you use larger hoops on the set-up device.

It comes with a 5.5” Mighty Hoop. You can't use larger hoops because the fixture is 5.5".

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bryan Justice
The Best

This is absolutely the best money I have ever spent. Perfect placement every time.

Allan Wade
Mighty hoop kit Game changer

This mighty hoop kit is a must have if you plan on selling professionally. Placement is perfect and consistent every-time.

Stanley Gaillard
Home business

Is the best thing I ever I Buy

archie ware

Mighty Hoop Starter Kit

Deb Fabrizio
Game changer!!

Took a little bit to get use to it . Love it !!

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